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The beautiful island of Bali has all the elements of a true exotic vacation. Not only does it have world class waves at your finger tips, it has the cultural activities and a beautiful atmosphere with great local people to make a great overall experience. Every type of traveler can have a trip of a life-time in Bali, from single travelers meeting people in the town of Kuta Beach or on the cliffs of Uluwatu in the hillside eateries, to the couples and honeymooners taking in the market places, colorful parades, relaxing on the beaches and experiencing some of the greatest sunsets in the world.

Bali can be overwhelming, even for the more experienced traveler, but with our surf guide and hotel packages, we will have someone to greet you at the airport, whisk you away to your hotel or resort without haggling with the local taxis (which can definitly give a bad taste in your mouth at the start of your trip). Once at the hotel, having a surf/tour guide at your beckon call 8 hours a day makes you feel safe on the busy roads of the city and gives you the key insight to be at the right surf break at the right time with local knowledge about the area, hazards, paddle out spots and to keep your valuables safe if you choose to have him stay next to the car.

Wavehunters Bali program is based on full packages for the traveler that wants a no-hassle dream trip with competitive prices w/ Singapore Airlines or other air carrier, hotel, private surf/tour guide and transport.

We have five hotel options in the Bali area :

Blue Point Villas, Uluwatu : 5 star
This resort option is great for couples and other travelers that want to be out of the town of Kuta in a plush resort on the cliffs of Uluwatu, just a short walk down the trail to all the premium waves of the Bukit Peninsula. You will need a driver to get you down to Kuta Beach for dinner, clubs, the maket place, etc. But if you want an accommodation away from it all, this is a great choice.

Uluwatu Resort, Uluwatu : 4 star
Another resort on the cliffs of Uluwatu at the top of the trail, only a five minute walk to the top of the point with access to the premier waves of the Bukit Peninsula. Uluwatu Resort is more of a traditional Balinese style accommodation with villas and boutique type feel.

Patra Bali, Kuta : 4 star
This resort option is a great choice for the traveler that wants to be right at the beach in Kuta, walking distance to the entire downtown scene, but still wants to be in a safe and private compound. Petra Bali is only 4 blocks away from the middle of downtown Kuta Beach, but far enough away that you don't hear the hussle and bustle of the region.

Bounty Hotel, Kuta : 3 star
This hotel option is more for the younger traveler, it is right in the heart of Kuta Beach, but still has the qualities of a solid 3 star hotel. There is a higher level of noise compared to the other resorts from the surrounding area and from the pool bar that is known for partying. There are a lot of shady hotel options that can be less expensive, but theft has been reported in the past.

Nikko Bali, Nusa Du : 4 star
The Nusa Dua side of the island has constant offshore wind in DEC-MAR. This is a great option for this time of year with 4 perfect right points in front or a short drive from the resort. The beaches on the Nusa Dua side are known for having white silky sand like no other destination on earth.

Also, close by is the island of Nusa Dua :

Lembognan Beach Villas : 5 star
A short speedboat ride from Bali is this beautiful island. During peak season, this location can have fewer crowds, eliminating the budget travelers. With the same swell window, this is a great option for less crowds and a mellow small island lifestyle.

Our top notch surf/tour guides are a great way to get the most out of your visit. The personal guides are at your disposal 8 hours a day with private SUV transportation, fruit and water. They will bring you to the best breaks for your ability level, knowing where the best spot on the island is before getting to your hotel with all the local knowledge and research of the tides and swell for that day. They will bring you down to the lineup, paddle out with you to show you hazards, line up location and give you the best local insight. Once you have a place pretty much dialed, they will stay and surf with you or you can ask them to watch your stuff on the beach or in the car. Just like any place, there can be petty theft and other disruptions, so this takes that burden out of your mind so you can focus 100% on your dream trip. The guides can get rental boards and set up surf lessons with certified English speaking teachers. There are numerous surf shops with all types of rental boards, but if you ride high-performance shortboards, we always recommend bringing your own.

Bali offers over 20 top-quality breaks on the southwest and southeast coasts of the island and around the Bukit Peninsula. Some of these breaks like Padang Padang & Uluwatu are world class barreling reefbreaks. Others range from good fun like the beachbreaks around Kuta and Sanur to serious heavy sucking bowls. Our guides can take the guesswork out of where to go, they have current swell and wind details before they show up each morning at your hotel and have in-depth local knowledge to get you into waves for your ability level.

The peak surf season for Bali is April-October when solid swells come out of the roaring 40's and hit the reefs around Kuta, Uluwatu, and Nusa Dua. Bali, unlike other areas of Indonesia where it is all heavy reef breaks, Bali actually has a lot of beachbreaks to offer where one won't crack their head open and quite a few mellower spots to cater to surfers of novice to intermediate ability.

The opposite season of November-March is not as big but still offersconsistent fun surf in the 3-5 ft+ range and typically has opposite winds which are ideal for the Nusa Dua (East facing) coast which features a variety of lesser known righthand waves.

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