14 Greatest Escape to Lombok Beach

The Senggigi Beach
The Senggigi Beach has been known either by domestic or by foreign tourists, since it is supported by its enchanting and beautiful sphere and panorama. Its beach is decorated by with and stretching along it. The waving coconut trees and the harmony of the natural sphere around the Senggigi beach are also found many beautiful rocks and various kinds of decorative fish. That it away this place is very ideal for lovers of water skiing, for accommodations as starry hotel is available hotel melati, also restaurants souvenirs shops. The Senggigi beach is located 12 km from Mataram.

The Mangsit Beach

North or Senggigi there is stoping with white sand, clam

and not with very strong sea waves. Along the beach coconut tress are seen waving blow by gentle wind and the hilly areas with its green vegetations add the

beauty of the panorama of mangsit. The places is indeed suitable for relaxing fatique and enjoying the natural beauty is located 20 km from mataram and it can be reached by public transport.

Batu Bolong Beach

Batu bolong is a beautiful beach where is a big and hollow rock stands sturdily. On the top of it there is a holy hindu temple, looking to Lombok strait and the Gunung Agung. In this places people can witness the beautiful of sunset behind the Gunung Agung and it is located 9 km from Mataram.

The Sire Beach

Sire is the beautiful captivating beach its sloping shore with clear water and spread white sand and its calm sea waves it very suitable for water sports the Sire beach is a fertile place where coconut trees grow adding the coolness of the natural panorama. Its located 30km not mataram and it can be reached within one hour by public transport.

Gili Gede Beach

Gili gede is a group of islets with white sand. It sloping shore with strong wind blow is very good for windsurfing this islets are also surrounded by sea garden with multi coloured rocks and various kinds of decorative fish. Gili Gede can be reached

by public transport from Gerung to Sekotong barat at a distance of 35 km then from sekorong barat by small prav to gili gede for 20 minutes.

Gili Nanggu ,Gili Tangkong and Gili Sudak Beach

A place of a row of there beautiful islets with white sandvastly spread out and profuding rocks with pounding waves along the beach. The cal in easy sphere add the beauty of the existing panorama from here to people can witness the sunrise bringing sweet memory for every one who enjoy it. Accomodations are only available at Gili Nanggu. To approach the Gilis people can go by public transport from gerung to

lembar and than by small boat with him 30 minutes. They are located 35 km south west to mataram.

Gili Genting Beach

Gili genting is an islets surrounded by white sand with strong dashing waves a harmonious and balanced natural attraction. The Gili can be reaced by public transport from gerung to sekotong tengah and from here countinuing the trip by motor boat.

The Mandalika / Kuta Beach

The Mandalika / Kuta Beach Lombok, is also known as “ Pantai Putri Nyale “ a beach with white land vastly spread out along it and with waves caused by the hissing wind. The beauty gives an exclusivehess for the KutaBeach in Lombok. As the back ground of its name is the legend of the Lombok Community of princes Mandalika, which every year in the tenth month according to the Sasak calendar which falls in the month of February/ march, a ceremony or feasibility of Bau Nyale ( catching Nyale / coral worm ) is held. This activity is commented at night, where local in habitants in lively groups light come fires singing pantuns ( fraditional poetry ) and spreading atunets. Of the kind of accession forms and arena for finding partner for boys and girls. Around the Kuta / Mandalika Beach Hotel accoomodations and restaurants area available. The beach is a about 54 km from Mataram to the south of Lombok.

The Seger Beach

The seger beach is found in the southern coast of Lombok having a mountainous scenery and shining white sand. The feeling of lone liness will be bothered be the coast known to be very strong. It is located not very far from the Putri Nyale Beach. It can bereached by public transport 57 Km from Mataram. Mowdays is this area four star Hotel ( Novotel hotel ) has been built with old Sasak house style.

The Grupuk Beach

A beautiful beach with panorama of white sand and calm seawaves and its sloping shore which is very suitable for swimming. It is located in the southern part of Lombok island 67 Km from Mataram can be reached by public transportation.

The A’an Beach

The beach is located at a cape and here of it known as “ pantai Tanjung A’an “ ( A’an cape beach ) it gives an ideal place to enjoy sunbathing. The beach is 59 Km from mataram and can be reached by public transport.

The Mawun Beach

The beach has a beautiful panorama with white sand. Located between two hills giving a special memory in the beach environment. Its location can be reached by four weel viehicles. It is located 66 km from Mataram.

The Silung Blanak Beach

It is coastal in a bay flanked by two hilss giving special panorama. Its white and clean sand and ideal for swimming and sun bathing. This place is also cosy for relaxation.

Labuan Lombak/Khayangan Beach

It is a natural seport which has been contructed and developed into a ferry hourbor connecting the is land of Lombok and Sumbawa. Along the coast of this area there are shipyards for building traditional sailships. It is locates about 80 Km east of Mataram which transport withim 1,5 hours.

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