Beautiful Maninjau Lake

The Maninjau lake are like a giant crater because it is located at an altitude of ± 500 m above sea level and surrounded by the Bukit Barisan and the towering steep. This beautiful lake is also known as having a lot of romantic places, many foreign tourists call it the lake with romantic scenes because of the side wherever you see it will look a stunning scenery.

Maninjau lake formed by volcanic eruptions (Tinjau Mountain) in the past. This beautiful lake is situated ± 36 km from Bukittinggi, West Sumatra, Indonesia. The Maninjau lake can be reached by public transportation with 44 unique twists and turns along the way.

The existence of Lake Maninjau created a legend "Bujang Nine", which is trusted by the public its existence. Once there was a family consisting of 10 men, nine men (flunky) and a woman named Sani. Beautiful appearance and behavior of Sani became a separate appeal for a young man named Sigiran. In short, then they establish romance. One day they were accused of immoral acts by the footman. To prove it, they jump into the crater of Review. They swear if they commit an act of immoral then the mountain will not erupt, and if they do not do this immoral then the mountain would erupt. Finally, the volcano erupted and the eruption of a large crater was formed which was then filled with water and become lakes like now.

First President of Indonesia, Ir. Sukarno, had visited the Lake Maninjau and was amazed by its beauty. To express his admiration for those he wrote a poem which reads "If you eat Arai Pinang, eat with a green betel leaves, do not come to Ranah Minang, if you do not visited Maninjau". Poem written by the first Presidentof Indonesia, representing enough to describe the beauty of the natural panorama of Lake Maninjau exotic.

IN\n Maninjau lake, you can swim, fishing and adventure with a bicycle around the lake. Around the lake there is a lot of Homestay accommodation, Hotel, Cafe, and various cuisine and typical food such as Palai Rinuak Maninjau society, Bada smoked, grilled fish, Pensi that does not exist in other areas.

To reach this lake, reached by landline. There are two alternative:

First, from the West, traveling through the beginning of Padang Pariaman path toward Lubuk cone (Agam district capitals), more or less taken over three hours. The tourits can use public transportation, travel, personal car or rental car.

Second, from the east, the journey started from Padang to Bukittinggi. From Bukitinggi it is past 44 unique twists and turns. From flexure 44, the tourists can enjoy the beauty of the lake as well as dozens of monkeys that we can feed them directly. It can be reach by public transport, private car or rental car. Travel time taken approximately 3 ½ hours.

Once again, Indonesia is a truly natural paradise

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