Roemah Java Resort : Exotic resort with lake scenery

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Roemah Java was in an area that is really quiet and away from the hustle and bustle of the city. As the name implies, this house has a building “Java joglo” (unique Javanese traditional house) made from teak wood combined with modern buildings. The element of Javanese tradition is also seen in the presence of “Wuwungan” (typical decorative roof tiles of Javanese house) on the roof of the house that became the hallmark of this resort.

Once entering the resort, you will be impressed with a solid teak wood building, wood carving decorations are very classy, and made from teak interiors in every room. Placement of ornaments and Korean typical interiors in some parts of the resort blends beautifully with the traditional feel of an exotic Javanese. The mood and atmosphere of the Java-Korea will make you and your family holiday comfortable

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Fragrant scent of flowers, typical insects sounds, and the chirping of birds flying around the resort will accompany a beautiful day of your holiday here. The resorts are located on the shores of this artificial lake provides a pool of artistic temples of stone material and a Beautiful lake views from the rooms you live. Some of the top artists and senior state officials had also stayed here. The atmosphere of a restaurant is presented with delicious Korean cuisine such as Korean Kimchi and Bulgogi that also serves a menu of Java, Indonesia, and International. In addition, Roemah Java also provides traditional Korean clothing that you can wear for photos.

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Roemah Java became a favorite resort for many families. The resorts have a comfortable family room with two bedrooms, dining table, and family room. From the resort, you can easily go to some interesting places in Yogyakarta like Malioboro, Sultan Palace, Prambanan, and airport Special. This resort is also very close to several famous college campuses such as UGM, UII, UPN, STIE YKPN, STMIK Amikom, UAJY, and others.

Roemah Java not only presents the beauty of nature and beautiful lake scenery, but also presents an experience of staying at a unique and exotic place in shades of Java-Korean.

Mataram Bumi Sejahtera No. 109
Condong Catur Sleman Yogyakarta Indonesia
Phone: +62 274 887141

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