Gangga island: white sand beach with an exotic resort

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Gangga is one of the exotic islands in North Sulawesi, which has a range of about ± 6.1 km from the City of North Minahasa, North Sulawesi Islands. Gangga has a beautiful white sand beach.

Gangga is the first of the Sangihe Islands that lie between Sulawesi and the Philippines. Of volcanic origin and covered with rainforest, they are surrounded by coral reefs and white beaches.

Gangga Island Resorts is perfectly situated. With its more than 25 world class diving locations the island offers a wonderful variety of marine life. The island is the home of the Bajau fishermen who colonized the coast and some of the surrounding islands in the distant past. These friendly people live in two villages called Gangga Satu and Gangga Dua. They continue to live in the simple ways of their traditional culture, in close relationship with the sea, which provides support for their daily lives.

An Exotic Resort

Gangga Marine Park has a thousand charms of beautiful shells with hundreds of species and ornamental fish. There are many vacation tours such as fishing, diving, snorkeling, recreational beaches and marine research. There is also a luxury resort on the Gangga Island.

Built under shady palms and surrounded by tropical gardens running directly down to a beach of pure white sand, Gangga Island Resort is located on the tip of the small island of Gangga. With the highest international standards of service and comfort, Gangga Island Resort is the perfect place for holiday makers, honeymooners, and diving enthusiasts. The resort is only 45 minutes by air-conditioned car from Manado International Airport then half an hour on our traditional Minahasan boat to Gangga Island Resort.

The Resort features wooden bungalows, each with two rooms and built in the local Minahasa style, with a spacious veranda overlooking the beach and neighboring islands. All rooms are equipped with every feature and fixture now internationally expected of a first class resort.

Gangga Island Resort & Spa
Pulau Gangga
P.O. Box 1734 – 95375
Manado, North Sulawesi, Indonesia
Tel.(62 82) 431-3809
Fax 0062 431 8894059

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