Paradise in Karimun Java

If you think beaches and the sea, the first crossed in your mind is Bali, but actually there are many beaches and sea in Indonesia, which has not been touched by human nosy hands, and still maintained.

Karimun Java, with the extraordinary beautiful scenery, presents exciting nature tours from the island of Gods. Karimun Java is a coastal area which consists of 27 small islands in the southern island of Java. The beauty of Karimun Java makes this region used as nature reserves or national parks protected by the government.

Sea Tourism
Karimun Java is suitable as a place to relieve stress, especially for a true adventurer, because in this place a lot of marine tourism is very interesting to try.

Wreck Dive
If you the fans of diving and has a soul adventurer, you must try this one. You'll find various tensions in an instant. The atmosphere was very quiet and mysterious, the ship iron pillars looked rusty over time, and many coral reefs (soft coral) is so colorful and grow continues.

Captive Shark
Want Face to face with sharks? You must never miss this rare opportunity. Menjangan Island has a captive sharks. It was very interesting to see sharks in front of our eyes. It is not only see, for you who have the courage, try the adrenaline rushing with sharp-toothed fish and swim with them. But do not worry; there are guides who will accompany you. For a moment you could be a friend of the shark. Amazing moment you can have!

Do not Miss It!
Many other activities can you do to fill the holiday in the Karimun Java. Try it yourself!

- Sailing, surfing and water skiing, listed at Karimun island of Java vacation
- Sun in white sand. Do not rush off to Miami for sunbathing! You can enjoy the sun exposure over the white sands while watching the stunning scenery of this island.
- Snorkling. For you the lovers of nature under the sea, try to snorkeling in the area of the island famous for its colorful coral reefs and beautiful fish inhabiting

How to get there?

- From Semarang, you can use a bus that will take over approximately 1.5 hours.
- From Jepara (Port Kartini) to Karimun Java, you can ride ferry / boat with a long motor trip approximately 6 hours. Transportation is only one time in a week (Monday).

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