Bira beach: Indonesian exotic beaches

Bulukumba District is one of regencies in South Sulawesi province, Indonesia. The capital of this district is located in the City of Bulukumba. The District has an area of 1154.67 km ² and it’s a population of approximately 450 000 inhabitants. In addition to having some cultural sights of Bulukumba districts, Bulukamba also have a beautiful white sand beach, namely Bira. The beach is located at 41 km towards east from the city of Bulukumba.

Bira beach is a famous white sand beach. A glistening pearly with ditch that the water is so clear, no wonder so many foreign and local tourists chose to visit it. Foreign tourists are generally very happy to diving and snorkelling there because they can enjoy the panoramic view under deep-sea coral.

Besides underwater panoramic sights, the place is also pampered with exotic panorama of the beach that is so beautiful day or night. Bira tourists can also ride with local fishermen for fishing or small boat ride to the beautiful island that is not far from Bira beach.

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