Tana Toraja: Beautiful Indonesia

Tana Toraja, a famous tourist object with its cultural richness. It is situated about 350 km north of Makassar is very popular with the customary form of house building. The traditional house called Tongkonan. The roof was made of nipa or palm leaves and survived up to 50 years. Tongkonan also has appropriate degrees of nobility strata of society such as gold, bronze, iron and brass.

In addition to solo ceremonial sign (funeral), which has been famous for this in Tana Toraja. There is also a baby's grave in a tree in Kampung Kambira Tarra, Sangalla District, about 20 kilometers from Rantepao, prepared for the body of a baby aged 0-7 years.

Despite burying the baby in the tree that was not implemented Tarra again since the last decades, but the tree where "bury" the baby's body was still upright and visited by many tourists. On top of a tree that has fruit similar Tarra usual breadfruit used as vegetable by the local population with a circle around the tree trunk 3.5 meters, saved dozens of baby's body.

Before the body is inserted into the trunks of trees, tree holes first and then placed into the baby's body and then covered with a black palm tree fiber. After decades, the baby's body will be united with the tree. This is an attraction for travelers and for people of Tana Toraja still consider sacred place like a newborn child.

Placement of the baby's body on the tree is also adapted to the social strata of society. The higher the social level, the higher the family was also where the baby is buried in the trunk Tarra. In fact, infants who died placed according to the direction of the grieving family dwelling. If her home is in the western part of the tree, then the child's body will be placed on the west.

Interesting event at this resort that is the body's funeral (solo signs) and signs Tuka (thanksgiving feast) which is a fixed calendar each year. In addition to these events, visitors can see up close some other interesting cultural attractions like the corpse at the safe storage of the body-shaped "container" giant size with a width of 3 meters and 10 meters high and tongkonan 600-year-old in Londa, Rantepao.

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