Kelimutu lake, Best Adventure in Flores

Indonesia's paradise of beauty and uniqueness of the world. Almost in every corner of the island has a typical exotic archipelago.No wonder people are amazed to see the beauty of the island. One of them is located at the top of Mount Kelimutu, namely Kelimutu lake.

Kelimutu Lake is located within a series of Kelimutu National Park. The lake is located at the top of the mountain at an altitude of 1631 meters above sea level near the village of Pemo, Kelimutu District, Ende, Flores, East Nusa Tenggara.

Lake Flores is basically a crater formed by the eruption of Mount Kelimutu. The mountain is filled with rain water until it formed a lake. There are three giant craters that formed the lake. The unique from each crater, it has a water color that changes every year. Lake water can change from green, red, brown, blue, and green.These changes are basically due to changes in mineral deposits contained in the lake.This was due to weather changes in the surrounding lakes.

The uniqueness of Lake Flores color that is indeed the main attraction of the island of Flores. The resulting color sheen of the lake and a beautiful panorama of the sky makes the lake worthy to see. In addition, the location of the lake is situated at altitude, making the air temperature between 10-15 degrees.

The Kelimutu lake is also attached to the legend that is trusted by the local community. Until now the community in Flores believes that there is a god named Mae who manage the life hereafter. The spirits of the dead one by one will sit on the lake based on the charity record while he was still alive.

A green-colored lake is Spirits toska Lake Young Spirit lake that in the local language namely Tiwu Nua Muri Kooh Fai is inhabited by spirits who died in their teens, children and infants. The lake is also the only lake that does not change color as compared to two other lakes.

Other lakes are Spirits Parent Lake or called TiwuAta Mbupu. The lake is greenish white, inhabited by spirits who died in old age.
The latter is the Enchanted Spirit Lake or Tiwu AtaPoTiwu AtaPolo contain the spirits of people who committed their life to steal, kill and commit other crimes.

Regardless the truth of the legend trusted by the local community, Kelimutu lake did hold a panorama of natural beauty that is truly unique and amazing. No wonder the lake has become a favorite place visited by many tourists both local and foreign tourists. It also became evident that Indonesia does have a unique paradise that resides in all corners of the archipelago.

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