The Unique of Segajah Island

Segajah island is located in Kuala Bontang region, East Kalimantan province. The uniqueness of this area is the limitation of time visiting. The tourists are only allowed to come in the daytime, when the sea receded until the afternoon. Why? The island is only exist when the sea receded, and will be lost when high tides. So, if you are interested in visiting, you should really pay attention in your time arrival. Because if not, you can not see anything cause the island is drowning by sea water. Beside the unique of the scheduled visits, the uniqueness of this place lies in the cleanliness of the sand, andsea water clarity, so that tourists can see the bottom of the ocean that is inhabited bymany starfish. You can rent a boat in Kuala Bontang and travel for ± 20 minutes.

Segajah Island is a small island that is very interesting. When visiting the island, seemed to the island is our private island. The island offers a variety of natural beauty that is suitable for diving, snorkeling, sightseeing, photography, and culinary.

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