Sentani lake : Paradise on Earth

Who says Papua or the island known as "Earth's paradise" is just about the hills, forests and hot weather only? Apparently the island also has a marine tourism that no less beautiful than other regions in Indonesia. One of them is Sentani lake.

No less than fourteen districts in Papua has the uniqueness and special attraction for those of you who visit there. Lots of options you can visit, there are marine tourism presents a fascinating marine park, cultural tourism, historical and tourist fauna and flora which may be can not be found elsewhere, such as birds of paradise.

All these wonderful sights are still very natural. With a civilization that is still primitive, making Papua as a tourist place and attract the attention of foreign also local tourists. There is a museum in Jaya Pura town formerly known as Hollandia. The museum provides a variety of cultural information in Papua such as carvings from various districts, a tool of war, fabrics and traditional dances, as well as various sites and ancient relics.

Sentani lake

In Sentani, there are also General Douglas Mc Arthur WWII monument. In the north monument Mc Arthur, at an altitude of 325 meters in mountainous terrain there is Cyclop with the peak of Mount Dofonsoro. The area is very beautiful and breathtaking.

Sentani lake in Papua lies between 20:33 to LS 2041 and 1400.23 to 1400 38 BT. The lake is 70-90 m above sea level and between the Cyclops mountains. Lake Sentani is a volcanic lake. The source water comes from 14 large and small rivers with an estuary, Jaifuri Puay. In the west, old and Boroway Doyo, the depth of the lake is very steep. While the east and center, Puay and Simporo, ramps and shallow. There is also a swamp forests in the area Simporo and Yoka. In some notes mentioned, the basis of waters containing sandy mud substrate (humus). In shallow waters, overgrown plants pandanus and sago. The extent of approximately 9360 ha with average depth of 24.5 meters. In the lake area there are 24 villages. Scattered coastal area and in small islands which exist in the middle of the lake.

Sentani lake is the largest lake in the province of Jaya Pura. The historic location, offering incredible scenery. There is still some Stork and the Eagle who would grab a fish in Lake Sentani. You also provided a “Johnson” boat to circumnavigate the lake.

Unfortunately, Sentani lake is still less well-known as one tourist destination object compared with other marine tourism in Indonesia. Therefore the government makes an event nicknamed the Festival of Lake Sentani as a step to introduce to the world of tourism.

Sentani Lake Festival

The festival, held every year is intended to preserve cultural values as a unique asset of Ondoafi and put together as a tour package that can be enjoyed by domestic and foreign tourists.

At the festival. it will show a very unique culture as a heritage from the ancestors (Ondoafi or Ondofolo), among others, such as Dance War above the boat and other traditional dances from various tribes in Jayapura district coupled with the culture of other regions in Papua and other areas in Indonesia which have similar characteristics such as Lake Toba in Sumatra, Lake Mindanao in North Sulawesi, Lake Tempe in NTT and so forth.

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